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2 local college students

start a landscaping company

2008 was the worst time to start a business. With job opportunities scarce, and a need for summer cash, they started one anyway. 

no longer a gig

the company goes big

After 3 summer seasons, the potential was too large to ignore. It was all or nothing. Still in the midst of a difficult economy, they relied on small jobs and referrals to build a clientele. It paid off.

more partners

more energy. more growth.

2 is company, 3's a crowd. With more experience and manpower, mulch jobs turned into patio jobs. Sketches turned into architectural renderings. 

2 local businesses come together

to form what we are now, paesaggio

With the residential end of the business mastered and more growing pains to conquer, they linked up with a local commercial landscaping business with a similar vision. The goal was to package landscaping services in a way that hasn't been done before. Their brain-child was Paesaggio.

in case you were wondering...

Paesaggio is latin for "landscape"

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