3 Backyard Ideas Under $20k

Outdoor living is a recent trend that many Americans enjoy. Instead of hopping in the car to spend hard earned money on excursions, homeowners are choosing to invest in making their homes their playground. Backyards have gone far beyond being just some grass with a fence; they have become a space to relax, chat with friends, and find peace after a long day at the office. While some backyard makeovers can be quite costly, there is still a lot of that you can do with a limited budget. Check out these 3 small budget backyard ideas for under $20K:

Outdoor Dining Area

Many homeowners enjoy grilling outside during much of the year. Having a dedicated spot where you can also eat your dinner is a welcome addition to any home. Creating an outdoor dining area will include a hardscaped surface, either concrete, stone, or brick paver, that will provide a solid base for the space. You’ll most likely also include a built-in grilling area complete with countertops and prep stations to keep your meals entirely outside, although depending on the intricacy of these add-ons, could take you above the $20k threshold. Outdoor dining areas also include surrounding landscaping that will help beautify the space and provide privacy from neighbors. Pergolas and dining sets are also available in this price range to help complete the overall look.

Add A Garden

For plant lovers who want to get their hands dirty, gardens can be a great way to spend time outdoors. With a smaller budget, you can afford the necessary installation of a garden area. This will include removing the lawn and leveling the field if needed. Raised beds help cut down on bending over, and a wood fence surrounding the garden keeps critters away. A lovely arbor would complete the project with gates to welcome you to the garden as well. Crushed rock pathways will allow for easy access between the garden beds as well as cut down on weed growth. Backyard gardens also improve health by providing an outdoor activity as well as growing produce for meals. We built the one below about 2 years ago.

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Build A Small Deck

Decks are commonly found on properties that have a sloped backyard or a doorwall much higher than the final grade. Many homeowners who have flat grades will opt for concrete or brick pavers thinking that a deck isn't even an option for them. Decks that stay low to the ground can actually look really great.

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There is a wide range of deck materials when it comes to building a deck that is right for you. Wood is the cheapest option yet requires regular maintenance to keep the wood protected. Pressure treated wood options, infused with chemicals, is a step above regular wood and keeps the deck from rotting over a long period of time. Composite decking materials include a plastic form that lasts much longer than wood decks but also more expensive. If you're worried about your composite deck looking fake, allow me to alleviate those concerns now. Trex among other manufacturers, have gotten so good at creating synthetic wood you almost can't tell the difference. In many cases, they look even better than the real deal.

Adding any kind of upgrade to your backyard is an essential part of enjoying all areas of your home. Not only will a small budget addition make you want to spend more time with family outdoors but it will also raise the overall value of your home as well. Consider these 3 small budget backyard ideas under $20k to add to your property this year.

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