5 Reasons you NEED a Landscape Designer

There are many decisions to make when it comes to creating a fantastic outdoor living space. Metro-Detroit homeowners have grand ideas on what they want their space to look like without the faintest clue as to make it happen. When it's time to invest in your landscaping, many residents want the work done quickly (or yesterday if possible).

Even if you have watched every landscaping episode on HGTV, and think that you have all the skills necessary to pull off a grand transformation of your yard, you might want to think again. Transforming your landscape requires much more than aspirations and energy. Check out these 5 reasons you need a landscape designer for your yard transformation:

1) You Need Help Seeing the Big Picture

Creating a useful and beautiful outdoor living space is much more than adding some plants and hardscape to an area. Landscape designers see the big picture when it comes to creating an outdoor living space that flows well. There are no odd transitions or items that are out of place when a yard is professionally designed. It is easy to tell those yards that have included the expertise of a qualified landscape designer. Much of this big picture thinking isn't taught in a book but is instead learned from past experiences.

2) You Don't Understand the Process

As with any project, there are specific steps that you need to take to create the final product. One of the most critical steps is removing portions of the yard and hardscape to build the end result. Water issues, grade levels, and plenty of engineering are part of successful landscape design. It's so complicated that a landscape design program is often found as a field of study in colleges all over the country. Understanding the many facets and issues that could arise during your landscaping project is one reason why you need a landscape designer.

3) You Need More Ideas

Without a background in landscape design, it can be hard to come up with ideas on how to transform your drab yard into something magnificent. Landscape designers will not only listen to your wants and needs for the yard but can also suggest things that you have probably not thought of. The beauty of using a landscape designer is having someone understand how you want to use the space as well as how to upgrade the overall area. These kinds of ideas are essential to smart landscape design and can make or break your effort to landscape the yard.

4) You Need A Plant Professional

Not only will a landscape designer know a lot about the area, but they are a crucial resource about native plant life in Detroit. Landscape designers know a thing or two about the common plants that love this area as well as those that have unique features. A landscape designer would recommend specific pollinator plants to those homeowners who want to watch butterflies in the backyard. Other residents may want their plants to pull double duty in providing color as well as shade to a particular part of the yard. Landscape designers are great at recommending and understanding what plants will work well in your outdoor living space. They also know which plants are the best investment for long term growth and overall value.

5) Your Safety Is Key

Many outdoor living spaces include hardscapes like patios, pathways, and retaining walls. These elements of smart backyard design help create usable and more permanent space. However, hardscapes also involve the use of heavy elements, like stone and rock, that can pose a serious health threat when not installed correctly. Using the experience of a landscape designer will allow you to know that your yard is safe and has been correctly built so that it doesn't cause any harm. Other ways that landscape designers keep clients safe is recommending different hardscape materials that change when rain, snow, or ice appear during our infamous Michigan winters. This can help eliminate falls and outdoor accidents for homeowners and guests who use the space.

Many Detroit homeowners who have hired a landscape designer have understood the value of hiring an expert. Those professionally designed yards not only look beautiful but can also raise the value of a home. Forego the idea of doing it yourself and consider these 5 reasons you need a landscape designer for your yard this year.