How To Use Your Landscape This Winter

Most people tend to think that landscaping is only done in the summer, spring, or fall. However, there is plenty of landscaping projects for the winter that do not involve planting or maintaining the lawn or beds. Here are some landscaping projects you should consider for the winter that will increase the value of your home and also get more out of your outdoor space.

1. Outdoor Fireplaces

During winter, there isn’t much to do outdoors because it's cold. But, by installing an outdoor fireplace you can make it livable and even enjoyable. With a fireplace, you can bundle up with some blankets, make a hot beverage, and have some quality outdoor time with friends and family.

Most people think installing an outdoor fireplace is daunting and expensive. But, with the right landscaping team, the process is easy. To save cost, consider a wood-burning fire-pit. That will save gas line & plumbing costs, and the warmth, smell, and comfort of a wood-burning fire is more than worth it.

2. Consider Installing a Sauna

Another great landscaping project you should consider this winter is installing a sauna at your home. Contrary to what most people think, in-home saunas can be relatively inexpensive. There are several health benefits of a sauna and having one at your home will save you time, money, and give you the privacy you deserve.

3. Heated Brick Paver Driveways and Patios

Shoveling and salting the driveways and patios during the winter is a tedious process that you have to do multiple times a year to keep your property accessible.

If you no longer want to keep on repeating the same process or hiring the snow-plow guy who never shows up to do their job, consider installing a heated driveway or patio to keep the snow away.

The major benefit of a heated driveway is safety. The walkways and driveways will always stay clear, minimizing the accidents that happen due to slippery snow. Not to mention how many elderly deaths are caused each year by shoveling in cold temperatures. 

If you're tired of plowing and shoveling the snow, consider a heated driveway. Paesaggio installs all year, even through the winter.

4. Hot-Tubs

Soaking in a hot-tub on a cold day is refreshing and it is has vast medical benefits. Ski resorts know the secret. The contrast of hot & cold is an ancient healing remedy utilized in cold climates across the globe. 

The health benefits of hot tub usage are as follows:

  • It boosts the immune system

Soaking your body into hot water relieves stress, reduces pain, alleviates sinus pressure, and boosts the circulatory system. A hot water bath increases body temperature and therefore fights flu and other cold-related illnesses.

  • Soothes Sore Muscles

During the cold season, a lot of people struggle with muscle and joint pain. If you struggle with any of these conditions during winter, consider a hot-tub for your home. There is no better feeling than soaking in your hot tub after work or the gym on a cold day.


Even in the winter, you can undertake landscaping projects that make sense. Here at Paesaggio, we've perfected the Winterscape.