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After carving out its snow removal business, Paesaggio will now service all of Collier County, Florida, (Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island) after inking a handful of strategic partnerships with local businesses.

After carving out its snow removal business, Paesaggio Landscaping & Design announced today that it will be expanding its design services nationwide, and its full-service catalog to Southwest Florida. Paesaggio will now service all of Collier County, Florida, (Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island) after inking a handful of strategic partnerships with local businesses.

Behind the expansion was Bloomfield Hills private equity firm Omand-Stefanopoulos, who since backing the formation of Paesaggio has been focused on expanding the business into new service areas and categories.

During a recent interview, William Omand, CEO of Omand-Stefanopoulos, made these comments,  “We’ve successfully carved out Paesaggio’s snow removal business and now have the bandwidth to focus resources on expanding its design & build category, which is its bread & butter.”

As explained by newly appointed COO of Paesaggio, William Stephanian, who will see the process through, “We’re confident that our customers will reap the most reward in this strategy shift, and we look forward to bringing Paesaggio into SW Florida and subsequently to new areas across the country. This is just the beginning of much more to come.”

He goes on to say, “Using technology, Paesaggio has opened up its design & rendering services to clients across the country. Now, it doesn’t really matter where you are. As long as we have access to property photos & surveys, you can order a design through our website and one of our landscape designers will coordinate the design with you remotely. We can design for anyone, anywhere.”

The Paesaggio Pledge

“To maintain the local ecosystem so vital to our longevity as a business, 1% of profits from our Landscape Designs will go towards Great Lakes ecosystem preservation. At the end of the day, protecting our natural landscape is more important to us than creating new ones.”

About Paesaggio Designs

Paesaggio services both residential and commercial clients in the Metro-Detroit & Southwest Florida areas, but now offers custom landscape design services nationwide. Paesaggio service catalog includes but isn’t limited to landscape design, softscape, brick pavers & retaining walls, swimming pools & spas, outdoor kitchens, heated driveways, saunas, pergolas, and composite decks.

A company spokesperson explains, “It doesn't matter where you are in the country. Our landscape design team is equipped for any hardiness zone. Whether you're in the woods of Northern Michigan, the tropics of Miami Beach, or the desert of Arizona, we can design any outdoor space for your home or business.”

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About Omand-Stefanopoulos

Omand-Stefanopoulos is a lower mid-market private equity firm in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Omand-Stefanopoulos partners with small businesses across the country and helps them realize their potential amidst 21st century challenges.

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