Why You Need Sauna In Your Home

Most people are shifting from custom saunas in hotels and health clubs to the in-home sauna. A lot of homeowners are now requesting saunas for their new properties or when making home renovations. But is a sauna necessary for your home? Having a sauna at home not only adds value to the property, but it has vast health benefits, especially during those famous Michigan winters.

Here are the health benefits of using a sauna regularly:

It Eases Cold Related Illnesses

Due to low temperatures in the winter, the cases of flu, sore throats, sinus congestion, and colds are common. Visiting a sauna can help improve and provide relief. "Sweat it out", as they call it.

If you have a sauna in your home, it's accessible whenever you need it and you don't have to worry about catching other people's infections like you do at the health club. 

It Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

During winter, the level of humidity in the air is unstable, which leaves the skin dry and stressed.  A sauna helps to restore the skin's moisture and give back its vibrancy. It helps to open up the pores, promote cellular growth, and relax muscular tension. Additionally, a sauna helps to relieve inflammation, arthritis, and sore muscles.

Relieves Stress

During cold seasons, a lot of people experience low moods and seasonal depression. Winter causes not only more moderate physical activity but also low mental energy, which leads to stress.

One of the significant benefits of a sauna is that it helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation. In a sauna, heat stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that promote relaxation. In return, when the body relaxes, you get better sleep and rest. If the mind is healthy, the body becomes healthy too.

It Helps Removes the Impurities

Sweating helps to remove impurities and toxins from the body. The sauna heat stimulates the body to sweat excessively hence getting the toxins out of the body through the skin.

Keeps Off The Cold

Although for just an hour or so, saunas keep you warm during winter. There's nothing more satisfying than entering a sauna or a hot-tub during a cold day. 

Generally, most people think that custom home saunas are expensive to install, but they actually aren't as much as one might expect. Saunas improve the aesthetic of your property, and are affordable to run, a great alternative if you can't afford to keep your pool heated during the winter. The cost of installation and maintenance is rather low.

Installing a sauna in your home is a great investment. It increases the economic value of the property, and buyers will highly consider buying the property when you place it on the market. Most sauna models are designed such that they can be easily assembled and disassembled. It's just cedar, for the most part.

If you are considering installing a sauna in or outside of your home, we have a Winterscapes division to assist.